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Attention everyone. Thanks to a select few individuals who feel that the rules, and common courtesy don’t apply to them we have been forced to close and re-route the trail east of Neustadt. Several individuals on snowmobiles………..we won’t call them snowmobilers as snowmobilers respect the trail system and our land owners……….. felt it acceptable to travel off the trail on 2 of our landowners properties this past weekend. They damaged tree’s, landowner trails, and violated their privacy by going right up around a drive shed that is some distance from the trail. This is an already re-routed trail section that our volunteers have spent over 3 years working hard at brushing, clearing, and securing landowner agreements to avoid and old swamp trail could never open up until later in the season. This incident may have ensured that there will be no trail from Neustadt East to Durham next season, so too these individuals thanks so much we all love running our machines on the road. The landowners affected are understandably upset and we have respected their wishes to reroute the trail off their property for the rest of this season. Please share this with everyone you can, put it on Facebook, whatever you can do to spread the word. Perhaps someone who knows who this was will report them, or their guilty conscience will cause them to come forward. If you see people doing these things note their license number and report them to the clubs or the authorities so we can help to keep everyone’s trails from closing. Working together to keep our trails open is key, as wardens and club members can’t be everywhere. Landowners are the most important part of the equation! Without them the sport will die!
UPDATE: March 03,2015
Durham trail has been rerouted from county Rd 3 to intersection 263 to the side Rd

Hanover Neustadt Snowmobile Club.

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Rick Pake
Chris Kanters
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We are always looking for Volunteers to help.

Chris Kanters
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Notice: ATV's are not to be used on OFSC snowmobile trails, You can and will be charged for Trespassing
(Please respect the land owners)

Stolen Snowmobile (click here for details)


Club News & Announcements

General Meeting
October 29, 2015
8:00 PM at the Club House
If you are a Member of the Hanover Neustadt Snowmobile Club
You are more than Welcome to attend
This will be the perfect Opportunity to see friends that you may only see in the winter on the trails as well as meeting the people that keep things running smoothly when the snow falls.

Club Ride
This weeks ride has been cancelled due to weather

POKER RUN Was a Great Success
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Vintage Snowmobile Day & Ride

Thanks everyone who came out for our first vintage sled day.
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Plan a Ride or talk about snowmobiles and snowmobiling
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Drivers Training is over for another season
A big Thank You goes out to

Mari-Clare Saunders
who did a great job of successfuly training over 100 new riders this season
Thank You goes out to Kelly Lantz for the use of his facility's (Botonical Designs)
where a portion of the traing was held

Another Great season for the Poker Rally
Thanks to all that came out
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The HNSC Club House Kitchen will soon be open for the 2015 Season
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Another great job by the Volunteers who enter another float into the
Santa Claus Parade click here

Hanover/Neustadt Snowmobile Club Receives 40 Year Plaque
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CLOTHING is Now Available to Purchase 2015 click for details

Window Decals are now available to purchase 2015....more

Permits available online 2015......... more

Kitchen news 2015............... more

Parking now available for Visitors 2015.....more

Buy where you ride 2015....... more

OFSC Sets up Imformation Phone Numbers.....more

HNSC Supports Farmers Feed Cities Campaign....... more

A word from the President and the Vice President 2012.....more



In Memory of
Ross Hamilton

This article appeared in the first issue of the OFSC Go Snowmobiling Ontario Magazine.
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Drivers Training Program
Drivers Training is over for the season
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Please contact
Mari Clare Saunders
(Master Instructor District 9)


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