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Kitchen CLOSED:
5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Friday 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
9:00 am to 9:00 pm
Sunday 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Buffet Breakfast served from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Saturday's and Sunday's(When Trails Open}

Poker Rally Cancelled
Due to snow conditions

Attn. Sledders
I am not sure what has happened this year, but it seems that a small minority of you need to take a course in safe sledding. As a Snowmobile Safety Training Instructor, I and all the other OFSC instructors province wide, spend 6 hours in a classroom teaching mostly 12 -16 yr olds the rules for safe driving. I know in our district, because so much of our trails are on farm property, we spend a lot of time talking about trespassing, driving on closed trails and the dangers and pitfalls of riding off trail. I don’t know what you are thinking, but it seems that as soon as you turn the ignition key on your sled, your brains go into “dumb mode”. Quite a few clubs lost trail last year, and it looks it’s happening again this year. All due to off trail riding or riding on closed trails. We can’t make you attend a training course, but here are some of the questions I ask in the course …
Do you know how many hours are spent on setting up and taking down the trails? ? This includes cleaning up the trash thrown on the trail.
Did you know that it is all volunteer work? Do you realize that the volunteers all work and do this on their time off? Did you know that their employers aren’t going to let them miss a day of work because you want the trails in perfect condition when you want to ride, regardless of what day of the week this is or whether we have had a storm?
Do you realize that clubs have to pay for crop damage – probably with funds from a fundraising event (Poker Rally, Wing Nite, etc) & that money was most likely earmarked for trail work, buying gates etc.?
Do you realize that every year, club members have to meet face to face with the landowners & ask for permission to set a trail across their land? How do you think that conversation goes when they have crop damage?
Do you know landowners aren’t paid to allow trails on their land?
& Lastly – BUY A PERMIT!
Do you know how much a groomer costs?
Do you know the cost of stakes, brushing, equipment rentals, etc ?
What do you think pays for all of that?
If you are out there riding without a permit, you are not only TRESPASSING, but you are freeloading on the back of everyone who bought one. We bought a permit to help pay for the above, and to keep the sport alive.
So PLEASE, let’s all work together to keep this wonderful and fun sport viable. It’s not going to last with the “me first” attitude. Believe me, it’s getting harder and harder to find land to set trails on – landowners talk among themselves & so far this winter, it can’t be positive.
Let’s set an example for these young sledders & keep the sport going for them and all the others following behind them. It’s going to take all of us working together to do this. If you see someone doing something illegal, say something! If you see someone riding without a permit, say something!
Let’s keep hoping for more snow so we can all get out and enjoy this great sport!
Mari-Clare Saunders Master Instructor District 9

2015/16 TRAIL PERMITS (Click here)
For Trail Conditions:
Please Contact:
Rick Pake
Chris Kanters
OFSC Trail Guide
For trail updates


We are always looking for Volunteers to help.

Chris Kanters
For more information cantact Chris (Click Here)
Notice: ATV's are not to be used on OFSC snowmobile trails, You can and will be charged for Trespassing
(Please respect the land owners)

Stolen Snowmobile (click here for details)


Club News & Announcements

General Meeting
March 7,2016
8:00 PM at the Club House
If you are a Member of the Hanover Neustadt Snowmobile Club
You are more than Welcome to attend
This will be the perfect Opportunity to see friends that you may only see in the winter on the trails as well as meeting the people that keep things running smoothly when the snow falls.

Club Ride
Watch for details

POKER RUN Was a Great Success
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Vintage Snowmobile Day & Ride

Thanks everyone who came out for our first vintage sled day.
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Plan a Ride or talk about snowmobiles and snowmobiling
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Another Great season for the Poker Rally
Thanks to all that came out
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The HNSC Club House Kitchen is CLOSED
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Another great job by the Volunteers who enter another float into the
Santa Claus Parade click here

Hanover/Neustadt Snowmobile Club Receives 40 Year Plaque
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In Memory of
Ross Hamilton

This article appeared in the first issue of the OFSC Go Snowmobiling Ontario Magazine.
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Drivers Training Program
Drivers Training has Started for the 2016 Season
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Please contact
Mari Clare Saunders
(Master Instructor District 9)


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