In Memory Of Ross Hamilton

He Will Surely Be Missed
By his Family And Friends

Ruth Hamilton and many of her family were in attendance at our HNSC landowner and volunteer picnic this past September. Ruth is the widow of club member Ross Hamilton who was a proud member and volunteer. Ruth acknowledged and accepted the markers that are being placed on a section of trail in Ross' memory.

Although Ross hadn't been a "lifelong" member of our club, he certainly made an impact on us. When Ross moved to the area he phoned and asked to become involved in the club, and was invited to attend a meeting. Truth be told, we were a little surprised to meet him, he was a little older than we expected, but as they say, age is only a number.

It didn't take long to see how vibrant he was, and he was always at the ready for every purpose, from meetings to trailwork, trail set-up and take-down, bridge building, clubhouse renovations, and one we especially appreciated, clubhouse maintenence. We dubbed him, the "clubhouse mayor" and he kept the place spotless and treated it as his own.

It didn't take long to nominate him for "Volunteer of the Year" and Ross accepted his hat and wore it often and proudly.

There are just so many fun stories to be told of Ross and his involvement with the we especially love to tell is of the time Ross was cleaning the washrooms and locked himself can imagine the reaction of the club member, when Ross (using his cell phone) called for help. You can just imagine the conversation..."Ross, it is impossible, just turn the knob"...

Nope, the knob-set was broken and Ross needed rescuing. He took the razzing with a laugh, and always replied that he was just glad it didn't happen to a snowmobiler, who mightn't have had a cell phone handy.

Ross moved away from Hanover a couple years ago, but still preferred to purchase his permit from the HNSC. Last year he was even able to purchase a classic permit for his Polaris. You remember the one... red, with a big, high windshield, and a box on the back with an assortment of riding and trail neccessaries... often parked near the front door...

We last remember him coming all by himself, from Mount Forest to attend our 2010 poker rally, arriving early in the morning, as we were still setting up, he was so enthusiastic to be able to spend the day with us. He liked to keep in touch and we always enjoyed his company.

Sadly, just a couple weeks later, Ross met with tragedy while crossing a road on his snowmobile. He was hit by a van and died at the scene. We as his snowmobiling family are mindful of how quickly the weather can turn or how fast an accident can happen.

We think of Ross often, and can still picture that Volunteer of the Year hat sitting in a place of honour beside Ross' casket at the funeral was a touching way to bring a wee smile to our faces as we endured the loss of our dear friend.

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